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From the Founder & President

John D. Garr, Ph.D.

Something truly amazing is happening right now before our eyes! What can only be seen as a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit is breaking forth as Christians around the world are working to restore the Hebrew foundations of Christianity. After being marred for more than eighteen centuries by Judaeophobia, anti-Judaism, and anti-Semitism, Christianity is being impacted by a revolution of restoration. Scholars, clergy, and laity from virtually every nationality, ethnicity, and denomination are reconnecting their faith in Jesus with its historical Jewish roots.

Those who are recovering the Hebraic heritage of original Christianity are working to restore an over-Hellenized, over-Latinized Christian community to the faith of Jesus and the apostles. This renewal is replacing the church’s traditional Greco-Roman dualistic mindset with the biblically Hebraic holistic mindset in which the earliest church expressed their faith and devotion to God. As a result, the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of believers are being enriched as they become more truly Christian (Christ-like) by being more like their Hebrew Lord, the Jewish Jesus.

Hebraic Christian Global Community is an educational, publishing, and networking resource to the body of Christ that is designed to help promote and sustain this growing international phenomenon of interest in the Jewish roots of Christian faith. We are dedicated to research, development, and implementation of Christianity’s Hebraic foundations. We are committed serving believers around the world who are discovering the profound implications that these historical and theological Hebraic truths have for the church’s renewal and continuing vitality.

Our motto is “Sharing, Equipping, Serving.” We share as a community of fellowship. We equip as a community of study. We serve as a community that worships God and ministers to humanity.

Our vision is summed up in this slogan: “Restoring Ancient Paths, Finding a More Excellent Way.” By recovering the most Hebraic foundations of biblical faith, we discover the ancient paths “wherein is the good way, the more excellent way of love for God and love for humanity.”

Our mission is this: “HCGC seeks to facilitate the move of God to restore the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith to all believers without any distinction as to race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, or denominational affiliation. We seek to extend God’s dominion through the interconnectivity of individuals, ministers, ministries, congregations, organizations, and denominations, demonstrating the practical unity of the body of Messiah by standing unequivocally for biblical truth, speaking with a community voice, and serving both the Hebraic heritage community and the church at large by means of corporate action, collaborative ministry, and strategic planning.”

Our goal is this: “Restoring the Hebraic Heritage to the Christian Believer.” We labor to fulfill this goal by connecting people with people and people with information in a global network of interconnectivity.

If you are one of the many believers around the world who are seeking to restore the Hebraic foundations of your Christian faith, you've come to the right place. Hebraic Christian Global Community (HCGC) offers those seeking a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity a place to connect, grow, and serve with other believers who share their passion. We believe that restoring the teaching and practices on which Jesus and the apostles established the Christian faith is essential to the health and maturity of the worldwide Christian family in our post-modern world. As an international, multicultural, and transdenominational network, we welcome all believers to join us as we seek to encourage and support individuals, ministries, and faith communities everywhere in the quest to rediscover and restore the Hebraic roots of original Christianity.

We invite you to join us as we stand side by side, arm in arm, recovering and restoring the quality of community that Jesus and the apostles established.

Shalom & Welcome!
John D. Garr, Ph.D, Th.D.
Founder & President

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