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God's Lamp, Man's Light (305)

God's Lamp, Man's Light: Mysteries of the Menorah is a masterful analysis of the menorah, the only biblical symbol that has the distinction of being designed by God himself.

A wealth of valuable information about the history, design, and function of the menorah in both the Israelite sanctuary and in the earliest church awaits you as you read this provocative, inspiring book by Dr. John D. Garr.

You will simply be amazed at the wealth of insight that has been hidden from the historical church because of its separation from Judaism and things Jewish. You will be challenged to embark on a more complete study of the Jewish roots of your Christian faith when you consider this enriching and inspirational teaching on the menorah.

ISBN 0-9678279-4-9

160 pages


The Hem of His Garment (302)

If I can but touch the Hem of his Garment . . .” These words of desperation formed an axis of faith which brought a miracle into the life of a dying woman when she reached out and accessed the power resident in Jesus the Messiah.

What was this material object which caused faith to rise in the heart of this woman and in the hearts of many citizens of first-century Israel?

You will simply be amazed at the great impact that the ancient Jewish tradition of attaching fringes to the four corners of their mantles had upon the lives of biblical people. You will also understand the importance of the prayer shawl that is worn in Jewish worship as a continuing fulfillment of God’s commandment of remembrance.

ISBN 0-96782797-0-6

140 pages


Restoring Our Lost Legacy (301)

Restoring Our Lost Legacy: Christianity’s Hebrew Heritage is a provocative, inspiring primer on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. This volume presents selected essays in which Dr. John D. Garr urges the church to recover its Hebrew heritage.

Millions of believers over the past nineteen centuries have been denied their biblical legacy, the riches of the Hebrew foundations of their faith. Christian Judaeophobia, anti-Judaism, and anti-Semitism have conspired to rob them of the treasures of their biblical inheritance.

These pages call Christians back to the Bible, to the roots of faith that enrich lives and equip believers to achieve greater spiritual maturity through a more comprehensive understanding of Jesus, our Jewish Lord.

ISBN 0-96782797-2-2

240 pages


Living Emblems (303)

Living Emblems: Ancient Symbols of Faith will help you understand the biblical emblems that were designed by God and by his people Israel. Each emblem is full of rich symbolism that points to the person and work of the Messiah, Jesus.

Failure to understand the implications of these important symbols has robbed millions of Christians of vital, spiritually-enriching information. Recognizing the historical and spiritual truths represented by the symbols of the Hebrew Scriptures is a profound means of underscoring the historical and theological truth of Christianity’s Jewish connection.

Living Emblems: Ancient Symbols of Faith equips believers to achieve greater maturity through a more comprehensive understanding of Jesus, our Jewish Lord.

ISBN 096782797-1-4

142 pages


096782797-7-3 BOOK
Bless You! (306)

Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Blessing is a systematic, comprehensive study of the biblically Hebraic concept of blessing and its impact in the lives of believers from ancient times until today.

From the very beginning of creation, God always intended to bless humanity. His original plan included the offering of his Son, Jesus Christ, to atone for the sins of all the human race. Jesus paid the price for God’s blessing to humanity.

God himself composed and prescribed "The Blessing" for his children. This powerful dynamic can now be experienced in every Christian home and in every corporate worship experience. You, too, can restore this vital part from the Hebraic faith of Jesus and the apostles and bring God’s blessing upon yourself and your family.

ISBN 096782797-7-3

160 pages


Blessings for Family and Friends

One of the most neglected of biblical opportunities for Christians has been the subject of blessing. The Bible is full of blessing and blessings. Unfortunately, the Christian church has taken the blessing out of the home and family and restricted it to the congregational worship experience. Even there, blessings are seldom imparted, especially the ones that God commanded his children to give and receive.

Blessings for Family and Friends will open up new opportunities for you to bless everyone in your life and beyond. This book not only contains information about the subject of blessing but it also gives you sample blessings for almost any occasion.

Join the two great men of faith who were listed in the Roll Call of Faith in Hebrews 11 simply because they blessed their children. You can pronounced the same blessing that Isaac and Jacob pronounced on their children and grandchildren when you learn the biblical truth about blessing.

160 pages 6 x 8.25" Hardcover Gift Book

ISBN: 978-0-9794514-3-0


978-0-979-4514-7-8 $18.00
Family Worship: Making Your Home a House of God

Family Worship offers solid solutions to the increasingly dysfunctional family in today’s secularized society, and it provides constructive suggestions to those who want to reestablish their homes on biblical foundations.

The Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith establish the home as a small temple. This insight dramatically changes the dynamics of the home for those who believe in the God of the Bible and in his will for their lives.

The Christian family was always designed by God to be the center for social, educational, and spiritual growth and maturity—a place of fellowship, study, and prayer. Now, you, too, can experience these same powerful dynamics that made the home the center of sanctity and security that is was for the biblical peoples.

As you read this book, you’ll be amazed at how your own family life will be revolutionized and enriched simply by restoring biblically Hebraic dynamics to your home.


Feminine by Design: The God-Fashioned Woman

Women are the product of divine design, the exquisite creation that God fashioned with careful, meticulous, and loving care. Understanding how and why God created woman enables both men and women to recognize the rightful contributions that God designed women to make for the welfare of humanity.

Despite millennia of misguided efforts by men to control and dominate them, God originally designed women to be coequal with men and to have complete freedom to use any gift and to fulfill any role that he has given them. That design is still God’s ideal for the God-fashioned woman.

Whatever your race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or social status, this book and the other five volumes in the Feminine & Free Series will literally set you free from misconceptions that have restricted the roles of women. As you are reconnected with the Hebraic foundations of your faith, you will clearly understand God’s original design and purpose for women, and you will begin to help remove obstacles that have kept women from assuming their God-given roles in the family, in society, and especially in the community of faith.


Passover: The Festival of Redemption

Passover: The Festival of Redemption features in-depth analysis of the biblical festival that is foundational to both Judaism and Christianity. Two of the greatest events of salvation history took place on the very day of Passover. Israel was delivered from Egyptian bondage on Passover, and, fifteen hundred years later, Jesus was crucified on Passover, delivering believers from the bondage of sin and death.

Restoring Passover and other biblical festivals is essential for Christians who want to understand the biblical foundations of their faith. Recognizing the historical and spiritual truths represented by Passover is a profound means of understanding the historical and theological truth of Christianity’s Jewish connection.

Passover: The Festival of Redemption will help you understand these themes: The Exodus Story; Two Miracles, Two Faiths; Christ: Our Passover; Sacrifice and Baptism; Celebrating Passover with Jesus and the Apostles; and much more.

This book will equip you, your family, and your congregation with resources that will enable you to share a Christian observance of Passover in remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection until our Lord comes again.


Coequal and Counterbalanced: God’s Blueprint for Women and Men

God created woman and man so that they would be consubstantial and coequal and that they would manifest perfectly counterbalanced complementarity. The relationship of the two halves of humanity was to be one of love, mutuality, and fulfillment.

By recovering the Hebraic understanding of God’s blueprint for humanity, both women and men can finally experience the relationship that according to God’s design world be for them heaven on earth.

Whatever your race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or social status, this book and the other five volumes in Dr. Garr’s Feminine & Free Series will literally set you free from misconceptions that have long perverted relationships between women and men. As you reconnect with the Hebraic foundations of your faith, you will rediscover God’s original design for humanity, and you will come to understand, respect, and honor the different God-designed distinctives, preferences, and roles for women and men that counterbalance and complement each other in mutuality and love.


God and Women: Woman in God's Image and Likeness

God and Women: Woman in God's Image and Likeness brings serious biblical and historical scholarship to bear on the role of women in family, society, and church in an analysis of God's original intentions for women and for men at the moment when he created humanity.

Since time immemorial, women have been the most consistently and universally abused people group on planet earth, as men have systematically, unrelentingly, and often violently dominated women in virtually every human culture. Unfortunately women of faith have also been virtually bound in chains of submission and gagged by demands for silence since the end of the apostolic era.

Whether you are a woman or a man, this book will literally set you free, challenging you to think and to act on divine truths from the Hebraic foundations of your faith. You will clearly see God's original design and intent for women, and you will start tearing down prison walls that have deprived half of God's children of the freedom to pursue his gifts and calling in the family, in society, and especially in the community of faith.

ISBN 9687-0-9794514-4-7

320 Pages 6 x 9" Soft Cover

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