A Welcome Letter from Dr. John Garr

Welcome, friends, to Hebraic Christian Global Community!

Something truly profound is happening! In what can only be described as a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, Christians around the world are now working to restore the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith.

After being marred for eighteen centuries by Judeaeophobia, anti-Judaism, and Antisemitism, the church is being impacted by a revolution of restoration. From virtually every nation, ethnicity, and denomination, Christian scholars, clergy, and laity are reconnecting their faith in Jesus with its historical Jewish roots. These Christian believers represent an untapped dynamic force that needs to form a more consolidated witness to the truth about Christianity’s long-obscured biblical foundations.dr-john-garr

Hebraic Christian Global Community seeks to facilitate this extension of God’s dominion by connecting individuals, ministers, ministries, congregations, organizations, and denominations so that together we can speak with a community voice and serve both the Hebraic heritage community and the church at large by means of corporate action, collaborative ministry, and strategic planning.

Hebraic Christian Global Community is an interactive network of believers and a dynamic resource center that provides credible, balanced publishing and educational resources to the body of Christ and solid opportunities for interpersonal relationships for individuals and congregations around the world.

We are dedicated to research, development, and implementation of Christianity’s Hebrew foundations. We are committed to serving believers around the world who are discovering the profound implications that these accurately presented historical and theological Hebraic truths have for Christianity’s renewal and continuing vitality. By sharing, equipping, and serving, we are committed to the fulfillment of our corporate vision: Restoring the Biblically Hebraic Heritage to the Christian Believer.

I extend a warm invitation to you to join our team as we engage in spiritual archaeology, digging up the original foundations of our faith and restoring the pristine truths upon which Jesus and the apostles founded the first-century faith community. Whatever your level of interest may be, HCGC is designed to supply you with what you need to achieve your spiritual and intellectual goals.

First, create an account in our store. This will enable to you have access to all of our materials (in some cases at discounted rates).

Second, consider joining us as a Golden Key Partner so that you can share with us in a wide array of materials that are provided exclusively to partners, including subscriptions to our powerful quarterly journal Restore! and to our monthly newsletter Hebraic Christianity and our monthly New Treasures CD, featuring one of my lectures or sermons. As a Golden Key Partner, you also have personal access to PDF files of all the issues of Restore!, to MP3 downloads of all of my New Treasures CD’s, to hundreds of my articles and white papers, and to our soon-to-be-announced HCGC Beit Midrash (blog posting) and HCGC Yeshiva (forum, discussion, messaging, and interaction).

Third, lend your prayers and financial support to HCGC so that you can be a part of a worldwide movement that is truly changing the face of Christianity one person at a time by confronting believers with non-threatening, non-judgmental Hebraic that they can receive and implement as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Whatever your need may be, when it comes to theologically sound, historically accurate information about the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith, HCGC stands out as the premier, most-trusted source for Hebraic truth and for the highest quality productions in various media.

Please let me know how we can best serve you.

Shalom & Blessings!
John D. Garr, Ph.D.