A Community of Celebration

As an extension of the praxis of making the community a “house of prayer for all people,” Hebraic Christian Global Community joins in joyous celebration that brings together the Hebraic elements of praise and worship that characterized the biblical people of God.


This community takes seriously the instructions of Jesus that the time has come for worship in Spirit and Truth. Recovering the intensity of passion for exalting the name of God in praise from Hebraic antiquity, those who share the vision for Hebraic restoration join together in employing biblically mandated times and seasons, biblical expressions of praise and worship, and biblical vehicles and instruments. Restoring the art forms of visual demonstrations and interpretive dance, along with auditory expressions in music, drama, and singing, forms a significant part of Hebraic Heritage Christian Community’s renewal of biblical forms and order for personal and corporate praise and worship.

Timeless living truths are constantly renewed in the hearts of community members through the sights, sounds, and images of praise as the community responds to God’s command through the Psalmist of Israel: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6).