Our Organization

Hebraic Christian Global Community is a nonprofit religious organization that features a team of scholars and leaders within the larger Hebraic heritage community. Its day-to-day business operations are supervised by an administration responsible for promoting the organization’s objectives and membership, for serving the needs of its members, and for supervising its service to the larger Christian community internationally.

This administration views itself and should be viewed by the community’s constituents as facilitators, not as a hierarchy of bishops or “pastors of pastors.” Hebraic Christian Global Community is committed to serving and coordinating activities for its constituent members, ministers, ministries, and congregations. It seeks to supplement, not supplant what God is already doing in these constituents. Though it has administrative leadership, it never seeks to subsume any of its constituents into its organizational structure. Its function is to strengthen and augment the effectiveness of those who share in its lateral connectivity.

Hebraic Christian Global Community is a true association in that all associates are interconnected. With our database of constituents, we have the capacity of strengthening every individual associate by the sheer numbers of a growing community of like-minded believers and by the sustaining nature of corporate interconnectivity.

In this community–and in true Hebraic fashion–there are no big “I’s” or little “you’s.” We are committed to standing side by side and seeking God together as equals. Our leaders are your servants.

Together we can advance the cause of restoring the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith for the larger Christian community around the world. What we could never hope to accomplish individually, we can do together. “If two or three agree on anything, it shall be done,” Jesus said (Matthew 18:19). When he is in the midst of just two or three, nothing is impossible. How much more when our ranks reach global proportions!