Recovering the Spirit of Prophecy: Empowering the Resurgence of First-Century Christianity

In order to understand God’s purposes in the earth, each generation must ask itself the same questions that were posed by threatening to the leaders of Judah when they returned to Jerusalem following the Babylonian exile: “Who in the world are you, and what on earth do you think you’re doing?” (Ezra 5:1−3). These questions penetrate to the very core of human existence, for they require conclusions first to identity and second to function—first, to being, second, to doing.

God as Community

Far from being the solitary old man envisioned by most people, the God of the Bible is actually a community of three divine persons in one being of substance, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Being coequal, consubstantial, and coeternal, these three dwell together in a perfect community of oneness by means of their mutual encircling and interpenetration. Without the principles of the divine community, God simply does not exist.

All the Torah Prophesied

The Law, Prophets, and Writings all prophesy of the Son of God, Yeshua HaMashiach.

Am Yisrael Chai!

The day will come when all the people of Israel, both the native born and those who have become naturalized citizens through faith, will stand upon the mountains of Israel with the Messiah.

Aligned Against the Lord and His Messiah

The forces of evil that have aligned themselves against “the Lord and his Messiah” continue to engage in a life-or-death conflict with the forces of light and righteousness.

Abraham’s Faith and God’s Chosen People

Yahweh God’s covenant with Abraham will have been made sure to all the seed, and they will rule and reign with Messiah over all the earth for one thousand years in a kingdom that will continue to reflect the nature of its unchanging God by being patterned after biblical Judaism.

Abraham’s Children

We are Abraham’s children solely because we belong to Messiah, and we prove our patrimony, not by genetic testing, but by doing “the works of Abraham.”

A Ticket to the Future: Hebraic Perspectives on History and the Children of God

The priceless ticket to the future is already in your hand. It’s your children, God’s gift to you. If you are wise and teach children the “ways of the Lord” as he instructed you in his Word, both you and your values will be thrust into the future.

A Nation Reborn: Resurrected from the Dust and the Ashes

“Can a nation be born in a single day?” God asked the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 66:8). Indeed, to many, if not most people, it must have seemed impossible when Zionism was birthed at the end of the nineteenth century.

Faith: The Freedom to Be Faithful

As believers, we should rejoice in the fact that God, through Christ, has made it possible for us to live in perfect freedom. We have been liberated by grace to let faith empower our lives for faithfulness to God and his Word.