Aligned Against the Lord and His Messiah

Beit Midrash for calendar_month November 2021

The classic battle of the ages continues to rage on planet earth. The forces of evil that have aligned themselves against “the Lord and his Messiah” continue to engage in a life-or-death conflict with the forces of light and righteousness. Indeed, they have reinforced themselves and redoubled their efforts to prevent the coming of the Messiah and the redemption of the world.

The current bold and audacious attacks on Western Christianity that have been mounted by secularist, humanist agendas are nothing more than an extension of the ongoing effort of the forces of evil to subvert and overthrow the faith of the righteous in a desperate attempt to gain total and final victory over the God of Scripture.

The insidious nature of the current engagement is the subtlety of the efforts of Satan and his forces, for the evil one has transformed himself into an angel of light, preaching tolerance through syncretism and prosperity through global redistribution in a one-world economy controlled by a one-world government boasting a one-world religion: humanism.

What is most insidious about this effort is the subtle message of tolerance. “I’m ok, you’re ok.” There is no absolute truth; therefore, let us all live in peace and not offend one another with our patriotic nationalism or by climbing to our own brand of religion. Liberty, justice, and tolerance for all!

The truth is, however, that the postmodernist agenda that combines New Age philosophy with neo-Paganism is tolerant of everything about the God of the Jews, the God of Scripture. This God and this religion cannot be tolerated because he makes demands on people, and his religion talks about sin and guilt. The Ten Commandments are not the ten suggestions. There can be no compromise between the laws of God and the hedonism of humanity.

In reality, this is nothing more than the ancient emperor in a new set of clothes. The naked truth is that postmodenism is just the latest morphing of ancient Babylonianism, the reign of confusion. Its polytheism and its utter humanism—and its vicious domination—has been clothed upon with slick Madison-Avenue-designed propaganda so that the unsuspecting masses are wooed by its siren song into the brainwashed and brain dead catatonic state of zombie-like living dead who follow the beast wherever he goes.

Unfortunately most Christians and Jews don’t have a clue. They are caught up in the euphoria of the quest for utopia, and they don’t care if it is “big-brother” dominated. Who cares if there is one world economic system wherein people can neither buy nor sell if they do not tow the party line and give up their guns and their religion? Peace, peace, we want peace. And, we’ll give up land, family, and religion if that’s what it takes.

People of values are no longer valuable. As a matter of fact, they are valueless and worthy of extermination, going into extinction in the same way as the dinosaurs and the dodo birds. They’re just not with it. Who do they think they are, anyway, condemning our lifestyles and saying that we shouldn’t?!

As the coming of the Messiah draws closer, the world will enter into the birth pangs of the Messiah, a time of great turmoil—politically, economically, sociologically, and religiously. A cry will be made for a savior, but not the Savior. Millions will hope that the next world political figure will be “The One” who will realize the culmination of the evolving human species and find a way to give everyone what he needs and even wants. More and more, economics, not morals and ethics, will control the destinies of nations and peoples.

Control and domination will continue to be the dominating theme. While speaking words of freedom, the undercurrent of totalitarianism will be just behind the scenes waiting for an auspicious time to seize control and then to maintain it with murderous efficiency. Dissent will not be tolerated. All will be assimilated into the grand design. Resistance will be futile.

What are believers in the God of Scripture to do in these dangerous times and the more dangerous ones that are coming? The stand for truth will once again expose people of faith to martyrdom, for “modern” man is no more gracious and tenderhearted than the Pharaohs, Nebuchadnezzars, Caesars, Atillas, Genghis Khans, Napoleons, Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots, and an unending parade of past and future tyrants.

The most dangerous of all challenges, however, is that of syncretism, the same ploy that Antiochus Epiphanes used in an effort to subvert the Jewish people and their faith. Now is the time to stand and prepare for the battle that is ahead. When the onslaught comes, it will be too late. Who will stand up for the Lord and his Messiah? May we find ourselves squarely and irrevocably on the Lord’s side!