The Kingdom of I … Me … My

Escaping the Prison of Self and Entering the Kingdom of God

One day some years ago, the Emperor of the Kingdom of I…Me…My was feeling that he may have committed a signature mistake by making himself the king of such a kingdom. Few enjoyed living in this very restricted place. Pictures—even large murals and billboards—were everywhere.

There were pictures of the king sleeping, then waking up and having huge banquet breakfasts.  The Emperor ate alone because he was above all others and, of course, his ego was in constant disarray. Wherever he went, along the roadsides were signs of the king smiling, laughing, and gesticulating, boasting that he was the biggest, the best, and the most favored of all people. He actually believed that no one else could keep up with him. After all, he was the “chosen one.”

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