The Time to Favor Zion

God Is Preparing the World for the Last Great Aliyah

One of the greatest miracles of our times is the modern rebirth of the nation of Israel. Many people believe this historical event to be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Others consider it nothing more than a passing coincidence of world history.

Some favor the rebirth of the nation of Israel while many oppose it. Much of the world’s population has probably never given it a thought. They are too busy going about their daily lives to concern themselves with world events. Unaware that God has a sovereign plan for the nations and is actively involved in our world, people have little or no interest.

Yet, we cannot ignore the events taking place in the Middle East. The Arab-Israeli conflict is troubling the whole world and is in our news every day. The headlines are all about people and countries that seem a world far away, a world about which most of us have never given a thought. But we’re thinking about it now.

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