Life from the Dead: The Dynamic Saga of the Chosen People


Life from the Dead is an in-depth study of the incredible endurance of the Jewish people in history despite ongoing systematic and unrelenting efforts to effect their genocide. The survival of the Jewish people is not, however, merely a testimony to their own resiliency or ingenuity. It is a testimony to the utter faithfulness of their God to maintain the integrity of the covenant he made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Your faith in God will be enriched as you read these dramatic subjects:

  • Daily Prayer
  • As Good as Dead
  • Can These Bones Live?
  • The God-Wrestler
  • From the Pit to the Palace
  • A Resurrected Nation
  • By My Spirit, Says the Lord
  • Mashiach: Life from the Dead

The God of Israel is the ruler over death and life. As such, he can heal the sick and restore the terminally ill to life, and in the end he will keep faith with the righteous who are in the dust of the earth by bringing them forth to life from the dead in the resurrection. Life from the Dead will build your faith in God’s power to triumph over death and to bring abundant life to all those who put their trust in him.

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