Restore! Ahavah (#67)


It seems impossible that anyone could see the invisible; however, Paul said in Romans 1:20, “The invisible things of God from the creation of the world are clearly seen and understood by the things that are made, even [God’s] eternal power and deity.” The Bible and creation were designed by God to reveal and confirm truths about the Creator and his plans for the human race, especially his Chosen People who follow his instructions and walk with him in faith.

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While love has been separated into many categories in Greek and Latin thought, it is only one word in Hebrew: Ahavah. This is because for the Hebrew/Jewish people, there is no bifurcation between the “spiritual” and the “natural,” between the “holy” and the “material. God’s love, ahavah, covers every aspect of life, from the sublime to the mundane because love is the very essence of God. John the apostle said simply, “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

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