Golden Key Partner

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Golden Key Partners have the satisfaction of supporting the international ministry of Hebraic Christian Global Community while enjoying all the benefits of partnership. When you join the Golden Key, you receive these benefits:

  • Restore!, the world’s foremost journal with up-to-date, balanced information on Christianity’s Jewish roots.
  • Hebraic Christianity, HCGC’s monthly newsletter that is filled with community news and helpful information and teaching.
  • New Treasures monthly CD’s of Dr. Garr’s lectures and sermons that inspire, inform, and challenge believers with solid, biblical truth.
  • Golden Key Press, partners’ source for all of Dr. Garr’s books and other resources at discounted rates.
  •, HCGC’s website that makes it possible for Golden Key Partners to download Restore!, Hebraic Christianity, New Treasures and access to correspond with leading minds on Christianity’s Jewish roots.

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